Arizona Quality Providers offers Home and Community Based Services including Attendant Care, Habilitation, Day Treatment Programs, Housekeeping and Respite as well as Independent Living Services featuring Habilitation in an Individually Designed Living Arrangement.

Attendant Care

Attendant Care is about doing things for people that they cannot do themselves.  This may include helping with shopping, meal preparation and eating, lifting and transferring, bathing, dressing and toileting.  Did you know that family members might be eligible to be compensated to provide this service?  If the person with a developmental disability is at least eighteen his or her parents can be paid to provide them with Attendant Care.

Habilitation Independent Living

Often called Individual Living Arrangements or Habilitation Independent Living services are designed to help adults with disabilities live as independently as possible in there own homes.  Usually individuals live either alone or with one or two roommates.  Staff comes in to help with a range of things from bill paying and medical appointments to transportation and cooking. If you are looking for an alternative to group home placement call us. Also, see our section on Residential opportunities.


Habilitation is all about teaching and coaching new skills.  Habilitation goals are always individualized.  Depending upon the client’s needs Habilitation goals could be written to cover any self help or academic skills from how to button a shirt, to how to apply for college admission.  Like Attendant Care, parents and guardians can provide Habilitation to their adult children.


Unlike the other services listed, Respite is for the parent or responsible person, not the individual with a disability.   Parents cannot provide Respite (they are the one’s who need a break), but other relatives including brothers and sisters can- regardless of what the age of the child.  Having relative, family friend, neighbor, or person from your church provide services is one of the best ways to ensure a “good fit”.  And remember we can probably have the person you choose available to work in two days or less with no cost to them or you.



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